Baby Signing

Wouldn't it be great if you could communicate with your child before their speech has devoloped?

Well now you can by using simple British Sign Language Signs when you talk to your baby. By embarking on one of our courses, all of which are based on the award winning "Sign with your Baby" programme by Joseph Garcia, you will quickly learn to communicate with your child while enhancing their early language development. In short, our courses will help you to:

  • Initiate a conversation with your child long before speech.
  • Know what your baby is thinking, wanting or needing.
  • Create a closer, special bond with your child.
  • Increase their interest in books.
  • Reduce tantrums and stress felt by mother and child.

Baby Signing

These run for 45 minutes per week over a six week period and will give you the opportunity to meet other like-minded parents and make future friends. Babies up to approximately 18 months old are welcome depending on their level of vocabulary. Learn the basics of signing so that you have enough to get you started and we will show you when, how and where to sign to get the best possible results. We will review new signs each week and RECAP on how things are going. Learn more signs through songs, nursery rhymes and games with the help of signing Jack and friends.

Workshops in your home

These run for approximately 1½ hours and are available either during the day or on an evening, normally with or without the babies so that parents can concentrate and focus on what is being taught. These workshops are normally tailored for your baby's age and developmental stage and again covers how, when and where to sign. These are for parents who do not have the time to attend a weekly course and can be with a group of friends in a relaxed familiar environment.

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