Pre-schools & Primary Schools

Fun Sign & Sing school visits

We can visit your school over a half or full term on a weekly basis or visit for an "Enrichment Day" or for after school clubs. Our classes meet many of the Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines therefore we work with children from nursery through to year six.

Our classes include:

  • Fun Sign & Sing sessions where the children learn to sign to popular songs and nursery rhymes with the help of props & puppets.
  • Topics such as animals, colours, food, family, manners, behaviour, weather emotions etc.
  • Sign Stories & if required link with current themes in school.
  • Teach the BSL alphabet which helps children with letter recognition, sounds and spelling their names.
  • Promote Deaf Awareness and Inclusion

Benefits of signing:

  • Children are learning a valuable second language & life skill
  • Improved overall communication skills: facial expression, body language, eye contact, listening skills (all very important when using BSL).
  • Inclusive for everyone
  • Improved concentration.
  • Helps with classroom management. For more information please contact us at:
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