Julia Southern

24-05-2018, 11:57

The children at our nursery absolutely love Signing Tots! They are always are asking "when is Dawn coming?" and ask to sing the songs from Signing Tots. The children have learnt lots of signs through the use of songs such as colours, animal names, etc. Not only do the children learn, but also the adults in the setting. We then use the signs between sessions to reinforce the learning for the children.

The songs, resources and delivery it top quality and the sessions are enjoyed by all.

Thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm.

Becky Langstaff. Thirsk Sign & Sing

24-10-2016, 08:26

Signing Tots is on of the best groups I have ever been to with my little boy. Dawn is absolutely wonderful, patient, kind and full of fun. Every class is exciting and my little boy can't wait for the next one. Not only is it fun Dawn helps children with their communication skills not only through sign but repetition too with catchy songs and wonderful puppets. My little boys communication skills have improved so much by coning to Signing Tots. Thank you so much Dawn xx

Claire Martindale. Hartlepool Sign & Sing

24-10-2016, 08:14

I must give Jayne amazing feedback as she's always had both me and my children gripped in her sessions.

Mark Rycraft & Calell Sign & Sing

18-10-2016, 08:41

Teaching our baby to sign has been the best thing we have ever done. When Calell see's Dawn he immediately starts signing music or dog, or even one of the last songs he has heard in the class. Dawn is just brilliant with the children too and they love her back in participation and fascination. Signing has helped Calell communicate his needs to us at a stage in his life where verbalising that need was out of the question.

Gemma & Joshua Baby Signing

18-10-2016, 08:40

Lovely sessions. Nice to learn something too. Oldest son loves it more I think!



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