Lindsey Hornby & Alethea Baby Signing Classes

18-10-2016, 08:39

Really really enjoy this class! Alethea has even started her attempt at the "more" sign. I particularly like the bubbles song. Very glad I found this group. Cant wait to see which signs she'll try next.

David Grafton Baby Signing Classes

18-10-2016, 08:38

We had a lovely time and learnt a lot from the class. It had an excellent Teacher (Dawn) who was welcoming and engaging. Thank you

Emma & Eibhlin Baby Signing Classes

18-10-2016, 08:37

Really enjoyed the classes very interactive and fun. Great to see Eibhlin starting to sign and communicate more.

Laura & Evie Baby Signing Classes

18-10-2016, 08:31

We've loved coming to the classes and hope to continue in the furture. Evie has come on loads since starting and she knows quite a few signs now and it has really helped her speech. Looking forward to learning more signs. Thank you so much Dawn.



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